Emissions testing statement

Martin Dowd, Managing Director Randstad Ltd & Phillip Dowd Sales Director, Randstad Ltd

“TerraClean welcomes the announcement by the government’s Transport Select Committee to investigate vehicle emissions testing.” “As a leading driver in the reduction of harmful emissions, TerraClean has lobbied for some time in favour of more stringent diesel vehicle emissions testing at MOT level.

This would involve a five-gas analyser test for emissions over the current opacity test, which is inadequate. The five-gas analyser test, over and above the 4 gas test currently used on petrol vehicles, looks for the presence of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), the gas currently in question.

If this had been implemented from 2009 – the year Euro 5 emissions came into force – the current issues may have been highlighted earlier.” “While vehicle recalls are likely in the current situation, it is our belief that a “software update” will have far reaching consequences, because more stringent emissions control could lead to a negative effect on engine performance and also result in excessive carbon build-up and the vehicle becoming less fuel efficient. As a result, a thorough investigation is therefore required before the recall is carried out.”

“A recall will also highlight vehicles that have a modified emissions control system – brought about through the illegal removal of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems for example.” “DPFs are part of a legislative solution to reduce vehicle emissions. There are numerous organisations that openly advertise the removal of DPFs.

The reduction of emissions was the reason TerraClean was created in the first instance, as a group of environmentally conscious Canadian physicists attempted to create an emissions free internal combustion engine. As part of the research, they created a ‘TerraClean’ process that removed carbon and cleaned the engine, emitting zero emissions.

Carbon build-up prevents an engine reaching optimum performance, causes pre-ignition pinging and reduces MPG, all of which contribute to increased emissions. It also has a negative effect on standard emissions control systems such as EGR and DPFs. The removal of carbon at regular service intervals restores engine performance and allows for a cleaner fuel burn thereby reducing emissions and extending the engine life.

Once the TerraClean machine is hooked up to the fuel rail on a vehicle (car, van, truck, motorhome, motorcycle, agricultural or plant and machinery), TerraClean fluid is passed through the machine’s reactor and the resultant nano technology particles remove carbon from the engine one molecule at a time, rather than less effectively dissolving carbon with heavy and aggressive solvents. For example, when we decarbonised a TX4 London Taxi recently, the emissions percentage was reduced from a pre-MOT reading of 2.29 down to a post-MOT reading of 0.84. This is a typical improvement after a TerraClean treatment.


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We advise a Terraclean Carbon Clean service every 10,000 miles or once a year, whichever comes first.

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