About Terraclean by Fuel Rectifiers

Fuel Rectifiers Limited was founded by Bill and Patsy Scott. Bill, originally from NZ is a qualified motor mechanic who used to enjoy doing a good tune up on a customer’s car, doing manual adjustments to carburettors and distributors to get it just right.  Upon handing the keys over to the customer there was nothing more satisfying than the look of glee on their faces as they experienced the new feel. They could feel the difference in the car.

To get the most out of a car performance-wise, we would strip off the heads, remove valves and do a de-coke.  This process could take days to do and inevitably very costly, hence it was rare to do this apart from on our own cars.

With the advent of the new generation engines, there is no such thing as a tune-up, it’s a fault find by computer and more often than not you cannot feel the difference in a car's performance after a service.

When we found Terraclean Carbon Clean it was with satisfaction that there is a product which we can honestly say, “It makes a difference” and you can feel it.  We can also say with satisfaction that we can prove that it works. The proof is the 1000’s of drivers coming back for repeat treatments every year.


We advise a Terraclean Carbon Clean service every 10,000 miles or once a year, whichever comes first.

Want a Real Tune up?  Terraclean it!!


Terraclean by Fuel Recifiers